Ever wonder why sometimes your aircon unit is emitting funky or moldy smell???

Here's 5 Reasons why:
1. New wooden furniture due to the superglue used & their laminates!
2. Wet Towels left to dry within the day in the room, the smell comes from the drying towels!
3. Pets fur & pets themselves can also induce smell to the aircon units if not serviced regularly!
4. Essential Oil, Candles & Aerosol Spray of Refresheners can lead to bad smell too!
5. Excessive use of body powder, makeup & fragrances can clog the evaporator coil then lead to bad smell blower fan!

All these above are the usual reasons why & it gradually takes months of buildup for the smell to be unbearable! & lack of AC servicing that makes AC dirty is one of main causes too! πŸ˜ƒ

Here's the video of how we fixed the bad smell from a new aircon unit installed less than a year, however affected by the wooden bedframe that caused the unbearable smell whenever switched on!

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