Who is iAircon (Aircon Servicing & Repair Company)?

iAircon is a reputable Singapore air-conditioning company, we provide a broad range of professional aircon services such as quality aircon servicing, troubleshooting, repairs, annual maintenance contracts, chemical wash/overhaul & supply refurbished aircon units. We have amassed plentiful of positive reviews for aircon servicing on social media. If this is your first time using iAircon's aircon servicing, don't miss out our 1st time customer Super Deal @ https://iaircon.repair/1st-time-customer-best-aircon-service-offer/. Our rates are often found to be average among all our competitors but their experience with us are always above their expectations.

Our Mission

As a reputable company with trusted business ethics, we are very dedicated to our customers the "B.E.S.T." concept quality services everyone deserves & serve them with pride.

  • Best quality and services
  • Efficient, reliable and affordable
  • Solid effort in what we do
  • Trust earned and maintained loyalty

Our Experience

iAircon provides excellent installation quality, repair, and maintenance of air-conditioning systems, and we offer aircon servicing, regular maintenance contracts for SME, non-governmental organizations, and homes. Our technicians are well trained, skilled and experienced to meet all our customer demands. We stay focused on providing quality aircon services to all our customers and through this believe, our customers had given a lot of referrals through words of mouth despite the strong competition in Singapore aircon servicing market.

Why Choose iAircon?

Why choose us to repair your aircon? Making the choice between a company cares about the comfort you deserve and about you saving money is one reason. Choosing the company that is experienced and offers professional services is another reason. Take the time to learn more about the benefits of selecting the company you can count on. By doing so, you can experience a cool comfort at a greater saving with less worry.

Our Logo

Our logo is the strongest element of our brand. It was carefully designed to represent our company & everything we stand for as a technologically advanced company that uses cutting edge products & software to provide the best for all customers.