"What is Chemical Overhaul?" or "What's the difference between "Chemical Wash vs Overhaul?" The answer is simple. For Chemical Overhaul, it's considered as full service package that clean up the entire aircon unit inside out by dismounting the aircon fully from it's mounted position, removed all components such as: "Cooling coil, water tray, blower fan and the back coil's mounting body" in order to achieve 100% clean up. It can be a little risky for certain old models to do chemical overhaul due to wear and tear over the years, some of the electronic parts can be easily damaged during the process. We usually will advise customers prior to performing the service.

* Chemical Overhaul prices for different aircon brands & models varies.
Please let us know your aircon brand and (model if possible) for an accurate price quotation via the online booking form.

Service description: Chemical Overhaul is recommend for air conditioner units that keeps having water leakage problems, uneven air-flow from blower, moldy or unpleasant smell when turning on the aircon etc.  We will strip down the entire air conditioner of all its parts and give it a good chemical overhaul wash.

Service warranty period: 90 days for workmanship on the scope of services rendered.

* Disclaimer: The above aircon chemical wash price quoted is only applicable for indoor wall mounted air conditioner units. Please contact us for the servicing rates of ceiling mounted air conditioner units or commercial air conditioner units.