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Here's the range of professional aircon services we provide and brief explanation

PowerJet Wash

In most common cases of water leaking & not cooling aircon problems, most aircon companies will recommend Chemical Wash or Chemical Overhaul.

At iAircon, we took years to refine PowerJet Wash using powerful water pressure to clean off mild condition of clogging.

Preventing usage of chemicals thus prolong the lifespan, protect your aircon system and save costs too!!!

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex PowerJet Wash

PowerJet Wash - Powerful Cleaning Efficiency

In Singapore, most of the hosueholds tap water pressure is not strong enough to wash off the dirt  from your airconditoning parts. With our high powerf cleaning PowerJet services, we can clean up all the parts' edges, corners and hard to reach area that normal water pressure can't achieve.

Daikin Aircon PowerJet Wash

LG Aircon PowerJet Wash

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