Aircon Gas Top up

Singapore is relatively warm all year round for 365 days. On many occasions, our aircon is vital for cooling homes and offices, ensuring you and me stay comfortable. All aircon systems need a sufficient level of aircon gas pressure, such as Freon gas. If aircon gas pressure drops below a certain threshold, the cooling will be affected immediately, and an indicator to have your aircon gas top up!

Why does my aircon need topping up?
An aircon gas top up is required only if a leakage or a malfunction has occurred somewhere within the system. New aircon systems are specially manufactured to prevent these errors from happening, so if your aircon is an older model, it might be worth enlisting the services of a company that specializes in aircon gas top ups in Singapore. Newer aircon units will prompt with an error code or blinking LEDs to show the fault if due to low gas pressure. Should there be consistent gas leakage, we recommend performing "Pressure Test" for aircon units less than 5 years old.

Pressure Test Procedure
A pressure test will be conducted for systems that shows consistent leakage even after top-up, the test will require 3 days of the isolation of fan coil units, gas pipes, and condensing unit. We will inject Nitrogen into the various components, hold pressure for 3 days, and this will determine which component is causing the gas leak.

Your aircon’s performance has dropped
Perhaps the most notable sign of a leak is when you notice a change in the time it takes for the cooling system to have an effect on the room. A fully-functioning aircon will cool a room in a short space of time, depending on its size, of course. However, if you’ve noticed that your cooling efficiency is slower than usual, let us know.

Problems with low gas pressure
The first noticeable issue with low gas pressure is not only limited to insufficient cooling but also inducing condensation problems within the gas pipe insulation. You will notice the gas piping from the condensing unit tends to freeze up and this can stretch from the condensing unit towards the fan coil unit, this means once you switched off the aircon, the gas pipes will defrost, and this will lead to massive amount of water to accumulate within the insulation. It accelerates the degradation of insulation for the gas pipes.




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