Residential Aircon Servicing Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) iAircon offers the most attractive general aircon maintenance contract in islandwide of Singapore. We are proud to be providing Singapore homes and businesses with cooling and clean indoor cold air at a highly affordable price.

The biggest benefits of taking up our aircon maintenance contract are that it gives you the peace of mind know that your family and loved ones are breathing in cold fresh air and that your aircon unit does not break down unexpectedly.

By signing up our AMC prevents your aircon units from frequent water leaking or non cooling issues, dust accumulation within the blower fan and on cooling coil, enhance the life-span of your aircon units, prolong the duration in between chemical servicing and most importantly helps you save money on repair costs due to lack of maintenances.

All contract customers enjoy special rates on repair costs for any old parts broken down or replacements of parts due to wear & tear.

To all Property Agents & Landlords, we provide superior support & furnishes service report upon each & every visit to your email instantly after service completes, so you will never miss our any details on how your aircon units are being properly maintained & always up to date.

Residential Annual Maintenance Contract Price Table (HDB/Condos)

Wall Mount Units Quarterly 4 Visits Servicing
1 Indoor Unit $160 (Shop Now)
2 Indoor Units $200 (Shop Now)
3 Indoor Units $300 (Shop Now)
4 Indoor Units $400 (Shop Now)
5 Indoor Units $500 (Shop Now)
6 Indoor Units $600 (Shop Now)

* More Than 5 Units, tap to chat @ 91874498 for details.

Comprehensive Servicing Job Scope

  • Cleaning of the air conditioner internal air filters and covers
  • Cleaning of the cooling coil
  • Clearing of the drainage pipe & water trays (applicable to some brands only)
  • Cleaning, brushing and vacuuming of the blower fan
  • Vacuuming and flushing of the drainage pipe for any clogged dirt and debris
  • Checking of the overall aircon system for any problems, issues or potentially faulty parts
  • Checking of the aircon refrigerant gas pressure for any possible leakage
  • Includes more than $150 worth of value addon, such PowerJet Wash & Refrigerant Check/Optimization

Aircon repairs not included: Our aircon servicing contracts do not include aircon repair or replacement cost for any problems discovered. Additional charges for any aircon problem/ faults or parts to be fixed or replaced will be advised on site.

Above price table is valid for fan coil units between 9,000 BTU to 12,000 BTU, prices vary for high BTU ceiling cassettes, concealed ducted units or ceiling suspended units.

Commercial/ Industrial servicing package: Aircon servicing contact for commercial and industrial aircon units are priced differently as we would require more details on the aircon specifications to be able to provide an accurate quotation.

* AMC Pricing differs for Landed Properties or Commercial Entities, due to many unforeseen circumstances or special requirements. We Provide Free Assessment On Site & Furnish Quotation Upon Inspection

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