Quality Aircon Services

Water Leaking? Dirty or Moldy smell from your Aircon? We can fix them all!

Most common cases of aircon problems that our customers faced every day are usually due to lack of maintenance of their aircon system, especially the indoor fan coil units. Do you know if your aircon units are working on regular usage like every night? You should be performing the basic cleaning of filters every month. For Nightly usage aircon units, we recommend Normal Servicing Every 3-4 Months once as preventive measure.

The rest will be assured that the common problems such as: "Water leaking, not cooling or moldy smells". All these problems will go away once the aircon units are being serviced regularly. Don't feel shy, always feel free to ask our technicians on how to maintain or get the proper remote settings for your aircon types, they will be most obliged to guide you.

We understand that your aircon units make your lives and business much comfortable, thanks to our 365 days warm climate! And when they are not working the way they are supposed to, it can become a bit of annoyance. Our aim is to offer outstanding services straight to your home or to your offices to conduct servicing works, troubleshoot & repair on site.

Our expert service teams will pay attention to your needs and offer you the best consultation and advice on managing your aircon system well. Our aim to minimize the problem from reoccurring and offer you affordable & quality repair works that are essential for you & your family.

– Front Covers Remove For Cleaning
– Wash All Air Filters
– Clearing of drainage pipe/s
– Check blower fan normal operation
– Non-Removable blower fans can only be brushed
– $30 Each for removing blower fans to scrub & wash
– Cleaning of the evaporator coil condition
– Cleaning off light surface dust on cooling coil
– Assembly of parts back to original positions
– Check condition of fan motors & blower fans
– Check cooling operation condition and temperature
– Checking of Outdoor Unit’s physical conditions & advise
- Furnish Detailed Service Reports for Property Owners
- Includes Recommendations (Should Required)


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